Caregiver Respite

“For overwhelmed family and care givers.”

As someone nears the end of their life, is it easy for their support system to feel overwhelmed anticipating the loss. While loved ones may long to be present 24/7, this is rarely an option. As a Doula, I am available for:

  • Accompaniment during Doctor’s visits
  • Home or hospital relief, being by your side
  • Phone check ins
  • Scheduling work
  • Interviewing and suggesting competent nursing staff

Compassionate Companioning

“For those who are going it alone.”

It is my work and my honor to be at your side through the challenges that arise from diagnosis to death. Challenges such as: isolation, fear, existential concerns, discomforts, the stress of putting on a brave face, life regrets and unresolved conflicts. I work to alleviate by:

  • Practicing heart-centered listening
  • Being a confidant
  • Holding space for complex situations and emotions
  • Going through last wish list
  • Support and organize goodbyes
  • Offering spiritual support within your beliefs

Vigil Attendant

 “For the final hours.” 

A Vigil Attendant stays at the bedside with a comforting presence during the final hours. Sometimes the moment is intense; there may be fear and the need to express one’s desire and emotions without restraint. Constant attention and care is needed while maintaining respect and dignity. I will be there to:

Legacy Project Facilitation

“For personalizing your legacy.”

Life limiting illness can make one reflect on how one wants to be remembered by friends and family and how to support loved ones with beautiful memories after the departure. How to make that happen can be an overwhelming task. I can help you:

  • Clarify how you want to be remembered
  • Organize your physical space so the things you leave behind bring joy
  • Write your story
  • Make a photo album
  • Capture beautiful memories
  • Create celebrations of life

Advance Care Planning

“For the planning stage.”

Advanced Care Planning is a written summary of a capable adult’s end-of-life instructions and wishes. I will hold space and provide support while you:

  • Consider what type of end-of-life experience you value
  • Decide who will be your substitute decision maker
  • Learn about the different medical procedures
  • Share your wishes with your support circle and healthcare providers
  • Get organized to feel safe and prepared for all eventualities

Advocacy Support

“For those that want their voice heard and needs met.”

From diagnostic to departure, navigating the process can feel frustrating, confusing, and worrisome. Pressures can come on all sides. I will be by your side defending your values and wishes. I will:

  • Help you navigate the health care system
  • Be by your side as you meet with health care professionals
  • Ask questions with you and take notes
  • Make sure that your needs are met
  • Interview and suggest competent nursing staff

Funeral and Memorial

 “For after the departure.”

The funeral industry can be intimidating. I am here to help you navigate and find what you truly need and wish for. I can:

  • Connect you with who will best meet your needs
  • Optimize your experience
  • Be your liaison with the funeral home
  • Take care of announcements
  • Organize event(s) and ceremonies

Family and Household Advisor

“For those who need to manage family dynamics and/or their estates.”

Illness can put a lot of pressures on families and friends: feelings of being overburdened, conflicts and miscommunications are common. But with good organization, the right professionals and space for healing communication, peace of mind is achievable. I can help you achieve that by:

  • Being your liaison and connecting you to a solid network of professionals that will cater to your needs
  • Holding space for open communication
  • Providing supportive and healing rituals for your support circle
  • Helping you reorganize living situations for the ones left behind
  • Decluttering and reorganizing your home


My Hourly Consulting Rate – $140+GST



Includes advanced care planning, discussing your values and wishes and organizational guidance.

3 Hours….. $400+GST


Basic planning, advocacy, referrals

7 Hours….. $870+GST


Planning, support (in-person, by phone or video calls) legacy projects, vigil support, respite support, grief companioning

20 Hours….. $2600+GST

Customized packages are available. Group sessions are also available at a per person discounted rate.

“What we have once enjoyed deeply we can never lose. All that we love deeply becomes a part of us.”

The Discovery Session
Each person’s situation and needs are different. Book a free 20 minute consultation so I can understand your specific needs..
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