Why Choose Hélène

I am dedicated to helping individuals and families navigate through the dying process with dignity and grace. My background in Religious Studies, Bioethics and Law has equipped me with a profound understanding of life transitions. 

My legal background gives me a deeper understanding of the legal and ethical considerations surrounding end-of-life care, which helps me better support my clients as they navigate these complex and sensitive issues. My religious studies enables me to work with clients from diverse cultures to support the integration of their cultural, spiritual, or religious beliefs into end-of-life care.  Also, my experience in holistic health, teaching Pilates for the last 15 years, taught me to be comfortable connecting to the physical needs of my clients.

When working with my clients, I approach each situation with an open heart and non-judgmental attitude, to help families make informed decisions about end-of-life care and to honour the unique wishes and needs of each person. Whether assisting with end-of-life planning, companioning during the dying process, or offering post-death support to grieving loved ones, I am committed to creating a peaceful and supportive environment for all involved.

"If you or loved ones are facing end-of-life issues, I would be honored to support you on this journey."

My Inspiration...

Soul Departures was born out of my experience with my grandfather’s sudden illness and passing. My family was overwhelmed with all that needed to be addressed, for example, looking for pain management support, hiring/scheduling nursing staff, making funeral arrangements, helping my grandmother continue with her life afterwards in an assisted living facility, disposing of the family home and its contents. Because there was so much to be done, this took away from my family’s opportunity to be fully present to the grieving process. 

Taking from this experience, along with my education and professional path, I felt compelled to provide support to others going through end-of-life challenges. It is my intention to listen, support and provide reassurance to the dying person and their support network during this often challenging  transition.




End-of-Life Doula, Douglas College, Certificate of Completion

Elder Care Training and Care Consultant, Doulagivers

Bachelor in Civil Law and Bachelor of Laws, McGill University

Bioethics Studies, Loyola Marymount University

Bachelor of Arts (Major in Theology | Minor in Religious Studies), Université de Montréal

National Pilates Certification Program, NPCP-PMC



Vigil/Companioning Volunteer, Burnaby Hospice Society

Vigil/Companioning Volunteer, Cottage Hospice

Liaison/Organizer, Doctors Without Borders

Chaplain Services, Los Angeles Children’s Hospital  

Volunteer, Look Good Feel Better 


The Discovery Session
Each person’s situation and needs are different. Book a free 20 minute consultation so I can understand your specific needs..
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