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When facing the inevitable end of our earthly existence, it is only natural to seek solace, understanding, and support during this profound journey. Enter the death doula, a compassionate and knowledgeable guide who offers invaluable emotional, spiritual, and practical assistance to individuals and their families as they navigate the complexities of the departure process.

Definition of a Death Doula

The emergence of death doula work is a reclaiming of traditional values in the space of the modern medical establishment. Doulas bring compassion and sensitivity that is difficult to access in this current mode of operation. As we move to the future that sometimes aims at reducing the human as a mechanistic system of operations, the doula movement aims at reclaiming our humanity, our innate wisdom.

Soul Departures aims at embodying a holistic approach that addresses diverse aspects of an individual’s well-being during their final stages. Support one’s journey in the natural unfold of event, while making every step of the way the most comfortable, fulfilling, and peaceful possible. We offer guidance with empathy and without judgment while navigating both the practical and emotional terrain surrounding planning for a departure.

The role of death doulas extends to companionship that alleviates anxiety and loneliness to advocacy for patient’s wishes while offering unwavering support to family members who may be grappling with grief or uncertainty in unfamiliar territory.

Importance of Death Doulas in Canada

In recent years, there has been a notable shift in societal attitudes regarding conversations about death and Death Doulas stand at the forefront of that shift. They have been fostering awareness and acceptance towards embracing mortality—a philosophy often referred to as “death positivity.” This pioneering profession has created space for healing discussions surrounding dying wishes, end-of-life choices, and legacy preservation.

The services offered by death doulas are becoming more widely sought after in Canada and more specifically Vancouver, BC.As the healthcare system becomes increasingly strained, the need for additional support networks has become evident. Individuals and families yearn for guidance and support during this vulnerable period.

In the Canadian healthcare system, patients and their support network are often left isolated to make sense the upcoming changes. This can create a tremendous amount of unnecessary stress and suffering. Death doulas bridge that gap by ensuring that individuals and their families have access to compassionate companionship and comprehensive end-of-life care that extends beyond medical treatment alone. With a tailored approach to each unique circumstance, death doulas provide much-needed emotional, practical, and spiritual support.

The Role of a Death Doula

Emotional Support

When facing the inevitable end of our life journeys, it is natural to experience a range of emotions, including fear, anxiety, and uncertainty. Death doulas play an important role in creating a safe space where people can openly discuss their fears, anxieties, hopes, and desires. Through compassionate listening and non-judgmental support, the doula encourages profound conversations that help alleviate anxiety and provide solace during difficult times.

One of the primary ways in which end-of-life doulas offer emotional support is by providing companionship. Loneliness can often accompany health challenges, terminal illness, or advancing age and it is of utmost importance to have someone by one’s side in those moments. By being present at the individual’s side, and offering comfort and reassurance, the doula becomes an invaluable source of solace. Our active listening skills allow us to truly hear and understand a person’s concerns, allowing for genuine connection and emotional relief.

Practical Support

In addition to emotional support, death doulas also offer practical assistance throughout the end-of-life journey. One aspect of their work involves assisting with advance care planning, which encompasses important decisions about medical care preferences should an individual become unable to communicate their wishes themselves.

End-of-life doulas also offer support to navigate through the complexities of sometimes challenging family dynamics. The process can uncover the best way to actualize one’s values within the landscape of the family or support network.

Death doulas also lend their expertise in helping with funeral arrangements and coordinating with funeral homes or cremation services. Furthermore, they can help you find the best resources to reorganize life pre and post-departure. They understand that organizing these details can be overwhelming for both individuals nearing the end of life and their loved ones. By tackling tasks with compassion and attention to detail, death doulas ensure that each step of the process of departure is as peaceful and stress-free as possible.

Spiritual Support

The departure is a time when connecting to what is beyond can be of great importance and bring a sense of peace. Spirituality can play an essential role in many people’s lives regardless of their religious affiliations and I nurture an individual’s spiritual beliefs or practices. I want to honor people’s unique spiritual journey and provide guidance and support. Whether it involves facilitating prayer, meditation, or accessing religious resources, as your death doula I want to ensure that people feel supported and connected by their chosen faith or belief system.

Another crucial aspect of spiritual support is organizing and facilitating meaningful rituals or ceremonies that honor the person’s life. These rituals can be deeply comforting for both the individual and their loved ones.I work closely with families and loved ones to design personalized ceremonies that reflect people’s values, interests, and cultural backgrounds.

Training and Qualifications for Death Doulas in Vancouver

Certification Programs

Being an end-of-life doula is a calling and a journey, a journey that one can start by registering to training programs. In Vancouver, there are several reputable certification programs available to individuals aspiring to become death doulas. If you wish to learn more about them, here are a few examples of reputable programs;

a) Introduction to End-of-Life Doula: Offered by Douglas College, is designed to prepare individuals for a career as death doulas. This course can also be taken by caregivers seeking a better understanding of end-of-life.

It covers topics such as palliative care and the complementary role of end-of-life doulas, cross-cultural practices surrounding death, communication skills, vigiling, and community resources. Following that program, most participants are able to find practical experience through volunteering placements in the hospice setting.

b) Sacred Passage Doula: The Conscious Dying Collective offers a comprehensive online certificate program that is comprised of both the “Conscious Dying Coach” and “End-of-Life Doula” programs.

Key areas of study include increasing beauty during life, learning to provide emotional and spiritual support, initiating conversations about dying, demystifying the dying process, acknowledging mysteries and unexplained events, and being a steward of conscious death.

c) Introduction to End of Life Doula: This online and on-campus program is offered by Vancouver Island University. The uniqueness of the program is the use of their simulation lab set up like a realistic hospital as a practicum.

This course explores subjects like the ethical and legal context of end-of-life, the different dimensions of death and dying in Canada, the grieving process, Indigenous perspectives of end-of-life care, and Medical assistance in dying (MAID).

Continuing Education Opportunities

Becoming a death doula is an ongoing journey of growth and learning. After completing certification programs or gaining experience in the field, it is important for death doulas to continue their education through workshops, conferences, and other learning opportunities.

Workshops may focus on areas such as bereavement support techniques, mindfulness practices during the dying process, or communication skills with medical professionals. Conferences on the other hand provide death doulas with valuable opportunities to network with professionals in their field and stay updated on the latest research and best practices. These conferences often feature keynote speakers, panel discussions, and workshops covering a wide range of topics relevant to death doula services.

Continuing education is vital for end-of-life doulas and the best sources for that is a death doula’s local or international network. In Vancouver, there are two sources I use for workshops and conferences the “End of Life Doula Association of Canada” and the “Death Doula Network International”. Joining such groups deepens Death Doulas’ understanding of the complexities of end-of-life care and enhances their ability to provide holistic support.


Death doula are currently pioneers in reclaiming what was once part of natural community life. Their significance has become increasingly recognized in Vancouver, British Columbia, as they bridge the gap in the healthcare system and ensure that individuals facing departure receive the attention and care they deserve.

There are multiple routes to becoming a proficient death doula in Vancouver. The journey can begin through varied programs and can continue by being connected to the local and International death doula community. Being a death doula is a calling and a lifelong journey. It is challenging work that I feel truly blessed and privileged to exercise.


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